How to Get Rid of Mice Using Natural Means

How to Get Rid of Mice Using Natural Means

Posted on by Marie

Mice are not only annoying but they can be dangerous carriers of diseases. The sicknesses they carry are in the forms of bacteria, parasites, and viruses so you cannot see the dangers until manifest as illness. Any home that is infested with mice is likely to also be infested with diseases. If you have kids or senior citizens in your home, you need to be especially careful.

Now that you understand that the mice need to go, you will want to know how to get rid of mice using the most natural means possible. This is because the toxic methods are harmful to your family and your pets alike. Using natural tactics will not put anyone else in the house at risk.

If you want a simple way to start, just clean up your house very well. Make sure it is spring-sparkling clean and then follow some simple steps to keep the mice away. Once it is all clean, store all of your food in air-tight containers. Do this with cereal, open bags, anything in thin cardboard packages, and so on. Even if you have open foods in the refrigerator, store those in tight containers as well.

how to get rid of mice

Any scent of food will attract mice. Be sure to wipe up all crumbs after preparing or eating food. Keep the pet food in tight containers too. Just feed the animals when they need it and do not leave the pet food out. It gets the mice in too and it feeds them very well.

Good mouse repellents include onions or onion juice placed in infested areas. You can also use peppermint oil in all areas including the kitchen and it will send the mice running away from all those minty zones as well.

Aside from this, you may need to kill them off but you don’t want to use toxic extermination methods. Try putting down instant potato powder in all the places you can think they might be. Naturally, the mice will like to eat it up and then it swells in their stomachs, killing them. Find these methods and more by looking online.