Sophisticated Coffee Machines Mean Good Coffee At Home

Sophisticated Coffee Machines Mean Good Coffee At Home

Posted on by Marie

If you’ve had your fill of paying through the nose for an overpriced cup of something which comes with a faux Italian sounding name, but you still want good coffee there are lots of ways to get the coffee without the price.

By the way, if you think one of the machines like the Delonghi esam3300 is prohibitively expensive you will have recovered your costs in less than 3 months if your entire household gets through three cups a day. Not a bad return on investment.

Espresso based drinks

Espresso (which never has an x in it by the way), is leading the way in the plethora of coffee drinks which are out there. The Delonghi esam3300 or similar machines produce a healthy shot of hot espresso, it is up to you what to do with it.

The standard is a straight espresso – a shot served with sugar and a twist of lemon. After that, there is a whole world of possibilities. Some of the more well-known ones include

Cappuccino — equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk

Delonghi esam3300

Caffè latte— espresso with more steamed milk and less foam

Latte macchiato — steamed milk with a shot of espresso

Caffè Corretto — espresso with a splash of alcohol, such as grappa or sambuca.

Caffè Americano-this is Italian’s take on American coffee. It is an espresso diluted with plenty of hot water.

Caffè lungo – No prizes for guessing lungo equals long. This is a taller coffee but is stronger than the Americano.

The Coffee Bean

Here’s a news flash! A coffee bean is a coffee bean. There’s no difference between a drip or an espresso bean. It’s the brewing which makes the difference.

The labelling as espresso or drip is a recommendation on how to get the best flavor from this particular bean. Now it all makes sense.

But the bean does make a difference, and the fanciest machine in the world will not be able to compensate for a badly flavored bean.

The internet hosts a plethora of coffee clubs and recommendations on which beans from where and when. So it is enough to say here that it comes down to what you like.

Coffee is ultimately a matter of how you like it. If you can drink it at night and not go to bed wired, why shouldn’t you?