The Duratrans Intro For First Time Advertisers

The Duratrans Intro For First Time Advertisers

Posted on by Marie


If you have struggled for new advertising material before in order to enhance your visible presence and getting your message across to target markets then perhaps this photographic technology may be a premium option this time around. Take a quick look at this brief intro to duratrans and then consider it for future use.

By now, you will have heard of the famous Kodak photographic company, and perhaps you have used its film and cameras before at some stage of your creative work. While the company has paled in comparison to the giant it once was due to the arrival of new digital technologies, the legend still continues to this day, continuing to make numerous contributions to the photographic and creative graphic design industries.

One such contribution is that of duratrans. It is essentially a combination of photographic and printing techniques. It is an abbreviation of the endura transparency technique. It was originally developed by the Kodak company towards the end of the nineteen seventies. The technique entails a reference to large size backlit but transparent color films. This technology has since been adapted to work well with numerous other large backlit display materials.

All graphics produced are transferred through printing to a translucent base film. Printing can also be done on a transparent base. This produces a milky backside membrane, known as a diffuser. This diffuser gets added to increase light dispersion across a wide surface. A few benefits or features accrue to those designers or creatives using this printing technology. Resolutions are higher than average, color lifespans are longer and more durable and the device of black opacity allows for the technique of light blocking bringing out the best in all graphic prints produced.

High res printing ranges from 1200 dpi to as high as 4000 dpi for those larger than life prints required. Duratrans has the ability to counter the unavoidable ultraviolet light. And black opacity can block light transmissions where there is a prevalence of dark image shades. In such a short space of time, you got to learn about one photographic technique that is practical to use during your creative processes whilst still bringing out the best in your marketing and advertising work.